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David Wood
David Wood is a personal and business coach, and a founder of the International Coach Academy - a company training coaches around the world. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

David has coached over 300 exceptional people in 13 countries via telephone and email, and specialises in helping coaches accelerate their coaching practice. He's passionate about people tapping into their courage to expand themselves, and FULLY live their lives!

"David, thanks so much for creating I've listened to all the libraries, and my coaching practice is booming as a result. The knowledge in this resource is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing it with the world!"

Daniel Midson-Short

"I'm moving in with my partner in two weeks; I'm much closer to reaching those exciting financial goals; I received a great pay increase and promotion; and I'm starting up new hobbies and interests which will hopefully lead to a successful career change! I appreciate every minute of your time and commitment to helping me make a difference to my life."

Caitlin Scully
HR Consultant, United Energy
Melbourne, VIC

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Downloading RealPlayer 8 Basic

For Windows 98 and above, click here.

For Windows 95, click here.

For Macintosh, click here.

In the top right hand corner, directly under 'RealNetworks' there is a light grey link for the free version 'FREE RealOne Player' (This is not obvious). Once you click this link you will need to click the next link for the free version on the bottom right hand side of the new page.

And if RealPlayer has recently changed the links, then visit, and look for 'Free RealOne Player'. I last saw it in the very top right hand corner of the main page. But they are very tricky and make it harder to find all the time. They will try to sell you the paid version which is called RealOne Player Plus. Don't fall for the 'Fourteen Day Free Trial' but keep looking for the link that says: Free RealOne Player. Even when you click on this, they will try and sell you the paid version. Look to the right of the screen for 'RealOne Player' with no Plus after it.)

RealPlayer Issues

Please note that other than the brief guidelines on this page, we do not provide technical support for real audio. However, the following may help. It's very useful to be able to listen to streaming audio over the internet. If you have not been able to do that in the past, then I strongly recommend you make the effort now to get it running on your computer.

1) If you believe your problem is with the RealPlayer, then you might like to try their Frequently Asked Questions.

2) If this does not resolve the problem, I suggest you contact your local IT expert to get the capability on your computer. It's worth it.

3) If you can normally listen to real audio, it may simply be that traffic on the internet is heavy at the moment. In this case, wait a few hours and try again.

4) If the recording keeps stopping and starting, try shutting down all applications except your browser and Real Player (this frees up memory). If this doesn't work, again it might be internet traffic, and you might like to try again in a few hours.

5) If you have a firewall, it can cause problems with streaming audio. I suggest you shut it down just to listen to the recording. Alternatively, there is supposed to be a way to configure real audio to use HTTP only (although I haven't been able to do it).

6) If you don't have the latest version of RealPlayer (it should be called RealOne), then I suggest you upgrade to it: click here.

I hope this helps. Trust me - these days it's important to be able to listen to real audio on the internet. So it's worth the effort.

How to Allow Cookies on Your Computer

Please ensure your browser is set to allow 'cookies' on your computer. This is important so that the web site can recognise you as a member of your library.

Note if you don't wish to do this, or cannot, then there's no need to worry. You can still listen to the clips regardless - it's just that the web site will keep saying you're not a member - just ignore it).

However, here are the instructions to allow cookies using Internet Explorer:

1) In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, and Privacy

2) Set your Privacy settings to 'Medium'

3) If you wish to keep your settings higher, you can specifically allow cookies from us by clicking 'Edit' at the bottom. Enter and click 'Allow'. Then enter and click 'Allow'

You should now be able to receive cookies on your computer, and our system will recognise you as a member!

Further Support

If you need further support, please send an e-mail to this address:

IMPORTANT: In your email you will need to tell us:

a) Exactly what you are clicking on

b) Exactly what error messages, if any, you are getting

c) What version of RealPlayer you have (in RealPlayer or RealOne click on 'Help' and then 'About'

d) If you are able to listen to real audio on any other site (e.g.

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